Preaching to the Preschool choir?

Those of you who have chosen "Plaza" as a preschool for your child most likely have some understanding of what a "play based" learning environment is as opposed to an academically structured one. We have stood our ground on behalf of children learning to manage their world socially, emotionally and physically all the while providing them with the opportunity to achieve academic skills as they are interested and developmentally ready as we have always believed that is the best practice for young children. There are certainly other options out there but I feel hopeful when I see and hear that the pendulum is indeed starting to swing back towards "play" being the the buzzword in Preschool related articles and issues. My true hope is that this information is heard by people who create policy and that, I believe is up to us as  concerned educators and parents who have seen first hand that learning through play is the best way!

The building blocks of a good Pre-K


Holiday Hoedown Sampler

Please enjoy this sampling of music from the Holiday Hoedown! Your copy is waiting! JUST $10! Hey, Ms Claus... I mean, Ms. Cress likes it!

Just a sampling of songs from The Plaza Family Band's Holiday Hoedown CD! Just in time for the holidays! Sales to benefit the Plaza Presbyterian Weekday School, Charlotte, NC.